Jewelry Isn't Just About Money

Jewelry Isn't Just About Money

Jewelry is a powerful and timeless way to express ourselves and has been an integral part of human history for thousands of years. From the Indigenous, Egyptians and Romans to the Aztecs and Chinese, jewelry has been used as a way to express wealth and power, display status, or simply adorn the human body.

Jewelry has also served as a form of currency in some cultures—the Aztecs were famous for their use of jade beads as currency, while the Romans struck coins with precious metals such as gold and platinum. These days, jewelry is still used as a form of currency.

Did you know the word "jewelry" comes from the French word "joyau," which means "jewel"?



It's one of the oldest mediums for personal expression. From rings to necklaces to earrings, jewelry has been used as a way to show off your status and wealth—but it's also been used as a way to tell the world who you are.

Today, as much as it was then, jewelry is a way for you to show off your personality. It can help you express yourself in ways that words alone can't. It's something you wear every day—and that means it has more impact than any other piece of clothing or accessory you own.

So of course, jewelry isn't just about money—it's about symbolism. The wedding ring is one of the most significant examples: made from gold or silver (or sometimes platinum), it represents your commitment to your partner and your love for them.


Other symbols include engagement rings, religious symbols like crosses or Stars of David, or even charms or stones that represent certain people, events or beliefs in your life. You can even wear pieces that represent things you want to achieve someday—that's manifestation at it's finest!

That's why choosing your jewelry with care is so important. You want something that will make an impression and let everyone know who you are without saying a single word:


something that shows off your personality without being too loud about it; something that draws attention without seeming flashy or gaudy; something that reflects your style while also complimenting your body type; something that feels good against your skin without pinching or rubbing; and something that makes sense for how often you'll be wearing it.

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lol These gifs though! It’s the stories people tell through their jewelry…the WAY people wear their jewelry that really shows their individual style. It’s definitely a gateway to express yourself and your personality, and I love that. Great read
Tiara L

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