Poet of the Week: Bridget D.

Poet of the Week: Bridget D.




The attack of a silent mind


Cant seem to wrap my head around sudden thoughts that wrap themselves around me/

The consistent knots fill my stomach with anxiety/

Plucking at the feeling that isnt sitting right within me/

The urge to cry tightens my emotions strengthening the migraine pulling at my sockets/

And yet I sit here/

Trapped in my genre of pain/

The blood rush of adrenaline scrape at my ears/

As the Drumming from my veins bust through my skin./

And yet I stare/

into the eyes that cry back at me./

Resting my eyelashes gently against my cheek bones I inhale/

My face heats up/

Eyes strain/

Hands shake/

And Stomach caves/

I hold my breathe/

I’m nearly to the end of this/

Attack on my brain/


written by:  Bridget🪷 

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