What is Style?

What is Style?

Isn't it amazing to watch the world change, in real-time, before your eyes? 

I thought watching A Different World, Martin, The Fresh Prince, Moesha, Girlfriends, Half&Half, and 106 & Park on television as a young kid was molding my wants for the future twenty-something-year-old I couldn't wait to be. I later realized that it was much more than borderline relatable black sitcoms sneaking a way into my mind. 


Being exposed to everyday fashion, decade after decade: what's acceptable and what's not, what's high end and what's cheap, what's corny and what's not, we can see that it has just as much of a cyclical nature as life here on earth. 

The average person would say that style is how a person would wear their clothes, hair, makeup, shoes, or jewelry. That style can show whether a person is competent in "taste," brand knowledge, or finances. This can be true in some instances but not all.


Style is personal. It's how we attract colors, how we pick our food, how we dance the night away, how we hug our loved ones after going so long without seeing each other, how we feel after pain or how we feel after happiness. We find ways to express this with our bodies, clothes, different hairstyles, makeup, jewelry and yes even our shoes.

It's simple cause and effect.

When we understand that our style is as individual as our fingerprint we can further understand that sometimes to reach this realization we must use the tools of clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry and shoes in front of us. 

Take a second to reflect. What do you think your style is?



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I really appreciate this. It’s easy to think of a “style” as something that’s solely external, but it really is an internal thing, too—like it’s about how we feel about ourselves and what we’re projecting to the outside world.

Tiara L

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