Who's Gonna Tell Them That Hoops Been a Thing?

Who's Gonna Tell Them That Hoops Been a Thing?

The history of hoop earrings is a story about black people, and the black women and black trans women who are responsible for popularizing the trend.

Can you believe that the trend of hoop earrings has been around for centuries? It's because hoop earrings are a thing of beauty and statement. They're bold, they're stylish, and they're versatile. You can wear them with anything from a simple t-shirt to an evening gown—and they'll look incredible every single time.


Hoop earrings were originally made out of wood or leather because they were cheap materials that could be easily found in a rural community. However, over time these materials were replaced by more expensive metals like bronze, silver and gold. These new materials were more popular because they reflected light better than their wooden counterparts; this made them more visible when worn or, for example, on stage during performances where dancers wore them as part of their costumes (like those worn by Beyoncé).


Hoop earrings became more widely available when jewelry designer Coco Chanel introduced her line with these designs in 1932; she was heavily inspired by an African sculpture she saw at an exhibition in Paris called "Black Africa." 

Rightfully so, hoop earrings been a thing, it's the rest of the world that catches on slowly over time.




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