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a Black, Queer, non-binary, Tswana speaking, spoken word artist and jazz singer in the Vancouver scene. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Palesa prides themselves in their creativity, their curiosity for life and all the ways they both source and become inspiration for others around them to choose life; choose the adventure of this lifetime dance.

They own a consulting company called ‘Imbali Bloom Consulting’ through which they operate their coaching and mindfulness teaching programs and services. Palesa is currently working on a poetry EP and spreading joy through social media.

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a multidisciplinary artist, anthropologist, community organizer, farmer and spiritual healer. Tamiel is a catalyst for change and balance. They're motivated to make change happen in their life in ways that extends into the collective for healing and evolution.

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a born and raised Seattle creative, J'Niyah is currently is a groomer for dogs and cats. She love's to work with her hands and is passionately driven by bringing to reality the inner workings of her mind in the form of movement and visual art: shuffle dancing, rollerskating, digital art, fashion and adventure.

It's important to J'Niyah to be apart of something bigger than herself and invest in community.

When she's not practicing her crafts, she teaches rollerskating, design stickers and artwork, dance at music festivals or she's traveling to new places to meet more like minded individuals! 

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a Los Angeles-based writer and comedian from Mumbai, India. From code-switching and assimilation to dating and mental health, Akanksha’s writing explores and brings levity to all dimensions of her experience as a young immigrant.

Akanksha produces a monthly comedy show in Los Angeles and does standup all over LA. She has also performed internationally in Toronto and Mumbai.

She also shares thrifted outfits and anecdotes from her mental health journey (set to 90s Bollywood music) on Tiktok!

When she’s not saying embarrassing things on stage or pretending to write at an overpriced coffee shop, Akanksha enjoys hobbies that cater to her introverted writer roots like puzzling, audiobooks and swiping left on himbos.

check out her tiktok @desibuchanan !

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