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Foxy Mistletoe Earrings

Foxy Mistletoe Earrings

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Foxy Mistletoe Earrings

Add a touch of charm to your outfit with our Foxy Mistletoe Earrings. These earrings feature a unique design with orange spiky round tips, resembling the iconic mistletoe plant. The vibrant color and playful shape make these earrings a fun and eye-catching accessory for any occasion.

These can be worn year-round to add a pop of color and personality to your look. The lightweight design makes them comfortable to wear all day long, and the secure backings ensure they stay in place. These earrings are also versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them a must-have for any jewelry collection.

Handcrafted with high-quality materials, a crystallized top and dangled quartz crystals. Our Foxy Mistletoe Earrings are durable and long-lasting. They make a great gift for friends, family, or even yourself.

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Our One of A Kind Collection, Released in October 2021, is for the mature and spontaneous. The experience is in the name. These pieces are either 1 of 1 or in limited quantities. Pieces are made with genuine stones, crystals and beads designed with 14k gold.