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Writer's Antique Feather Dip Pen Kit

Writer's Antique Feather Dip Pen Kit

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This antique feather dip pen kit is perfect for those who want to enjoy a classic writing experience. The set includes a unique feather dip pen holder, a wooden dip pen rod, and five different replacement pen nibs. This makes it ideal for calligraphy practicing, invitation cards, memos, letters, creative writing, paper signing, and more. The pen rod is made of quality metal and wood material, making it durable and reusable. The wax seal stamp kit is also perfect for decoration, embellishment, wedding invitations, envelopes, postcards, thank you covers and gift sealing. This vintage-inspired set is sure to make a lasting impression.


Material: Metal+Feather+Wood+InkPackage

Size: Approx. 23x10.4cm/9.05x4.09in

Color: Dark Green; Gray; Blue; Wine Red

Weight: Approx. 360g


Package Includes:

2 Pieces Dip Pen Rods

3 Pieces Wax Seal Stick

1 Piece Copper Spoon

1 Piece Pen Base Holder 

1 Piece 10ml Ink Bottle

1 Piece Vintage Seal Stamp

5 Pieces Pen Nibs

1 Piece Letter Opener

1 Piece Candle

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