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The Leaves of Tree

The Honey Box🍯

The Honey Box🍯

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The Honey Box🍯 is our very first mystery accessory box✨⚜️debuted Black Friday 2020. This delicious box will include a mix of 7 items from any of the 150+ plus pieces in our shop!
We hope you enjoy your sweet treat!
Starting January 25, 2024 this box will include 7 items (any possible mix of earrings, rings, necklaces and nose cuffs) from any of the available and pass collections in shop including unreleased pieces.

***All Honey Box Orders made before 1/25/24 will contain 3-5 items from our collections at our 3-5 item price.***
Examples include: 1) one or two of each 2) all earrings, 3) all rings 4) all necklaces 5) one ring, two necklaces, one pair of earrings, two body jewelry pieces…etc etc.
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OOAK Season 1 pieces are marked by unit so that the wearer can ultimately define them

Our One of A Kind Collection, Released in October 2021, is for the mature and spontaneous. The experience is in the name. These pieces are either 1 of 1 or in limited quantities. Pieces are made with genuine stones, crystals and beads designed with 14k gold.